About Me

That's me on top of Bo Eaton's log truck when he was up doing some tree work in my yard.

Me on top of Bo Eaton’s log truck when he was up doing some tree work in my yard.

My father and I bought a cabin here in 1986, and I’ve lived here full-time since 2000.

I’m an avid outdoorsman and a good source on local outdoor recreation. I’m also certified as a Georgia Master Naturalist.

I was in the real estate business here for 18 years, but I’m now more engaged with our natural history and the attempt to save what’s left of our natural areas.

I’m a longtime member of WaysSouth, and currently serve as the Secretary of the Board of Directors. (We’re the idiots who think it’s a poor idea to build a four-lane road through the Cherokee National Forest to save two minutes over the existing road.) We killed I-3, the proposed Interstate from Savannah to Oak Ridge that would have completely devastated our area.

In the interests of full disclosure, I am the author of Black Elk’s Religion and The Black Elk Reader. I’m also the author of an essay on tragedy in the International Kierkegaard Commentary. I used to own and operate Buckhead Editorial Service in Atlanta (1986-1997). In a former life, I was a college professor in Boston and Fort Wayne. My doctorate is from Boston University (Philosophy of Religion). I also attended Shimer College, graduated from the University of Chicago (Philosophy) and the Episcopal Theological School (Theology).

You can contact me at clydeholler@gmail.com.