Welcome to My New Website!

I’m out of the real estate business for good. I let my license go, and I don’t anticipate taking it up again. I’m enjoying spending more time on my research and writing projects, among other things.

This was my real estate website, and the column archives contain many discussions of various real estate issues that are relevant to the area. I’m famous for my “Dirty Secrets?” posts, which covered the due diligence issues in local real estate. I’ve had to take it down because of liability concerns – some of the information may be dated – but people somehow keep finding it and asking me to represent them in a purchase. That’s obviously something I can no longer do, but I’m still willing to answer questions by email.

There is a lot of good information on outdoor activities, hiking, day trips, so forth on the “Let’s Get Outside!” tab. There are some good suggestions for local day trips there that are different from the usual stuff.

Local news, environmental news, and natural history are on the “Clyde’s Columns” tab. It’s occasional, but I write fairly often. If we have a weather event that affects travel, I try to cover it as well. There’s an archive of my columns going back to 2002 on the same tab. There are a lot of folks who have this tab bookmarked, as I have been writing about Fannin County for a long time.

An introduction to our area is on the “Blue Ridge Experience” tab, along with a bit of information about our various areas from a real estate point of view.  A lot of people have told me this has been helpful to them as they begin their search for mountain property. The information on Blue Ridge restaurants and businesses is out of date because I’ve been locked down pretty hard due to the pandemic and haven’t gotten out as much. I’ve left it on the site because I’ve been told that it captures the spirit of the place as well as anything available.

I’ve been here 30 years. Dad and I bought our cabin as a shell in January 1987. I’ve hunted and hiked extensively, and I’m a Georgia Master Naturalist, so I may be able to answer your questions about the great outdoors, or direct you to someone who can.

Please let me know if anything isn’t working or if you have any questions. I’ll glad to answer your questions by email (clydeholler@gmail.com).