Welcome to My New Website!

I’m out of the real estate business, at least for now. I’m taking a sabbatical to catch up on some research and writing projects. And also to re-evaluate my commitment to spending my weekends driving people around the area, usually for free.

I’ve made many updates to the content of the site. I’m able to do more with it, now that I have more time.

Local news, environmental news, and natural history are on the “Clyde’s Columns” tab. It’s occasional, but I write fairly often. If we have a weather event that affects travel, I try to cover it as well. There’s an archive of my columns going back to 2002 on the same tab.

Outdoor activities, hiking, day trips, so forth are on “Let’s Get Outside!” tab.

An introduction to our area is on the “Blue Ridge Experience” tab, along with a bit of information about our various areas from a real estate point of view. 

I’ve been here 30 years, I’ve hunted and hiked extensively, and I’m a Georgia Master Naturalist, so I may be able to answer your questions about the great outdoors, or direct you to someone who can.

Please let me know if anything isn’t working or if you have any questions. I’ll glad to answer your questions by email (clydeholler@gmail.com).