Signs Of Spring: The Dogwoods

The first dogwood is in bloom on our property, and it seems to be the first one in the neighborhood. I imagine there will be some in bloom this weekend, but I don’t think it will be the peak.

The redbuds and sarvis are fading badly, and the crab apple is not quite in bloom yet.

I’ve been seeing a very frumpy looking Yellow-rumped Warbler lately, but that’s the only warbler I’ve been able to identify. This one looks to be recovering from the molt, heading toward the spring plumage.

I’ve still yet to clearly identify a Red-spotted Purple or a Mourning Cloak, but there have been many Tiger Swallowtails.

The trees are starting to leaf out, and the Lowbush Blueberry is starting to green up in the woods. The cherry trees have had catkins for some time, and some of the oaks are starting to have them as well.

Yesterday, I saw the pollen on the hood of the truck for the first time.

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