You Should Buy A Duck Stamp

Unless you are a hunter, you’ve probably never heard of a duck stamp.

That’s beginning to change, because the birders are beginning to realize that it provides as many benefits to the birders as to the duck hunters. And that it provides the best bang for your conservation buck, period. Fully 98% of the funds raised are used for habitat acquisition for – and maintenance of – the National Wildlife Refuge System.

The National Audubon Society has promoted it, as has Richard Crossley, the highly respected birder and author. In fact, in his recent Waterfowl ID Guide, he says he’d rather you buy a duck stamp than his book.

The cost is $25, and I’m told you can buy it locally at the Blue Ridge or Blairsville Post Office. The smaller post offices here don’t carry it.

Or you can buy it online:

There is a competition each year for wildlife artists for both the federal stamp and junior duck stamp. Many states also have duck stamps and junior duck stamps. It’s an important thing for these artists, both for revenue and for their resume. Many people collect both the prints and the stamps, which look nice framed together. You can get some idea of that here:

And here’s some more information on the program:

If you click in the box on the right to indicate your area of interest, there are some good resourses there, for instance on bird ID.

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