Winter Weather, Vogel Tree Lighting

The people who predicted a harsh winter must be feeling pretty smug these days. Last week’s weather was very cold. Yesterday was one of those days that had some unpredictable freezing rain – or at least rain freezing on the bridges and overpasses – and it looked and felt a lot like it might snow. In the end, it didn’t, and now we seem to be back to the warmer and wetter pattern that has dominated the fall. Well, we really didn’t have much of a fall. It was another of those years we’ve had a few of lately, that just seem to slam right into winter. It’s good weather for long walks in between the rain showers followed by drinks and a warm fireplace.

Other than the Santa trains, the next big whoop in town is probably the Fire & Ice Festival in February. But there is a tree lighting at Vogel State Park on Saturday, December 8th.

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