Corrected: Winter Storm Watch, Weekend Activities

It’s still very cold – eight degrees here this morning – and school is still out. But from what I can see from here and what I’ve heard, the roads are in pretty good condition, except that there are undoubtedly still icy patches in shaded places. We have a terrible place to get out of, so I haven’t seen for myself yet. (Update: I’ve been out to Blue Ridge and back, and saw only a little ice.)

There’s another winter storm predicted with the possibility of freezing rain, starting later today and worsening into Saturday morning.

If that weather happens, these events may not, but Fannin Brewing is scheduled to have the Battlefield Collective band at their tasting on Saturday, and Grumpy Old Men also have a tasting scheduled, which must mean their new equipment is installed. If you haven’t heard them, the Battlefield Collective Band is well worth a listen.

I heard from the Largo Legend last night, who shared a link to the new Blue Ridge Wine & Jazz Festival, scheduled for May 16. ( I posted the wrong date this morning.) I think I’ve mentioned this event before, but the link has information on the band lineup and some other details.

I haven’t seen too much of the Ledge lately. He even missed the Fire & Ice Festival, unless he was the guy with the mask who ran out of the crowd and played that screaming sax solo, but I hope he makes it up again sometime soon.

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