Now Snowing Convincingly, EMS Asks People Not to Drive

At 7:30 it started snowing, and the forecast is for 1 to 3 inches. It seems entirely possible, given that the ground is a lot colder than it was yesterday, Temperature now is about 25, as reported by the weather station at Merciers.

AT 8:30, it’s snowing very convincingly, and we’re well on the way to an inch. If it keeps snowing like it is, three inches is completely possible. It is not a school day, so the county will probably do no salting. I imagine that there will be travel difficulties, once you leave the state roads.

At 9:00, Fannin EMS texted a message saying there was ice under the snow on the roads, asking people to stay in if at all possible.

As of 2:00, there’s about 6 inches at our place, and I’m guessing nobody is going anywhere in the morning, if they don’t live on a state highway. EMS/EMA reports multiple roads blocked due to abandoned vehicles.

And, needless to say, it’s beautiful out there. Great day for a walk!

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