Wildflower Report, Turkey Season Sightings

We went out and checked the wildflower situation last Sunday. At our location, we were at about 3,000 feet, so things may be further along in other locations. But in the places where we checked, it was all just starting. Our wildflower IDs aren’t infallible, but we definitely saw lots of Bloodroot, the white flower that iconic in the southern Appalachians.  There’s a picture below. I believe we also saw Sweet Betsy, Chickweed, Spring Beauty, and a few others. The  next two weeks should see some real activity.

Good places to check include the Songbird Trail near the Clark’s Lake retention pond – if you go there, be sure to check on the Red Buckeyes at the visitors center, they should be about to bloom  – Lake Winfield Scott, and – if you want to drive – the Shirley Miller Wildflower Trail – which has a quarter mile boardwalk – and the Pocket Loop Trail at the Crockford-Pigeon Wildlife Management area over near LaFayette in Walker County.

It’s turkey season, which means it’s the mating season. That’s when the normally wily male wild turkey loses all sense of caution in his pursuit of the hens. There have been recent sightings at the Peachtree and Piedmont intersection in Buckhead, down in Atlanta. Yesterday we saw a small flock of jakes – yearling males – walking down the main road in the nearby development. Their beards were just a little over an inch long, and the purple color on their heads was extremely vivid and beautiful.



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