Wildflower Report, Embarrassing Correction

We’ve had such warm weather lately that we thought we ought to check on the wildflowers this morning. We were up about 3,000 feet on a north ridge, and our conclusion was that we were at least a week early. We might have seen a Spring Beauty starting to bloom and a trillium or Sweet Betsy or two about to come, but it was pretty sparse. Some of the trout lily was starting up out of the ground, but the leaves were only about two inches long. So it will probably be next weekend or the weekend after for them, depending on the weather. I imagine things are a whole lot different down along the creeks and along some of the south facing slopes.

Embarrassing correction: I really haven’t seen any sarvis in bloom around our place (about 1956, two miles southeast of Mineral Bluff). I made that observation after work from the car. I must have been oppressed by real estate woes, because I mistook some non-typical Bartlett pears for sarvis. It’s mortifying, because they’re about the most hated tree in America, but I suppose I’ll eventually live it down.


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