Weekend Roundup – Labor Day Barbecue Now Drive Through

We got 2-1/2 inches in leftover rain from Ida. As I said in my last post, the brunt of the storm rolled north of us, so we didn’t get the high winds in Morganton.

The morning temperatures have dropped about ten degrees, to around 60. The afternoons have been delightful, after all the hot, humid weather we’ve had lately.

The Labor Day Barbecue is Monday, but due to the public health situation, it is now a drive through. That’s usually at the southwest corner of the park at East Main and McKinney Street. If you go in off the old highway, past the Chevy dealership, then past the Grumpy Old Men brewery on East Main until you get to the end of the park, that’s usually the best route. Service starts at 11:30 and continues until they are sold out. You can usually park on East Main, if you want to walk up to the point of service. I’m not sure how they will be handling ticket sales, but there is usually a booth there behind where they are handing food to people in cars.

Union General Hospital is at something like 160% capacity, from the covid cases.

Birding reports from Indiana seem to indicate the early migrants are starting to stir, so it’s a good time to take the binocs out to the porch in case something interesting comes through. There were some storm birds reported in Georgia over on the Carolina line, but I didn’t see any reports from our area. On Tuesday, I went by Davenport Farms Road to see if any waterfowl were resting there, but the grass was probably too high to see anything. It’s probably dubious that the geese, etc. would land in that high grass where they couldn’t see, so it may not mean anything.

Happy Labor Day!

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