Weather More Like It, New Wine Tour

The weather last weekend was definitely more like it, after a cold, drenching rain left most of us feeling a little deflated. It was a joy to have┬ásome beautiful fall weather for a change. Unfortunately, the rain was hard enough to knock most of the color out of the trees, at least at our place. Jack Melton, one of the real estate photographers who goes up in a copter to photograph fall color is predicting the end of the month for the best color, but I’ve never had much luck predicting the peak, myself.

The October 8th Polk County (TN) News carried a story about the Ocoee Grape Escape, scheduled for November 1 from 3:00 – 8:00. It is hosted by three Tennessee wineries, the Savannah Oaks Winery (Delano), Morris Vineyards (Charleston), and Ocoee Winery (Cleveland). Tickets are $25 and include appetizers, music, local farm products, and a commemorative glass. The order of the tour doesn’t matter, as each winery will have music and food. For more information 423-338-5040.

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