Weather Event

We did not have a huge weather event overnight, but the decks are icy. It’s foggy and about 24 degrees. There’s a brisk wind. The EMA messaged at 8:05 AM that icy conditions were reported on some secondary roads and that driving conditions were hazardous. The projected high is 25 today, and the forecast low tonight is 8 degrees. It would be a good idea to open up any cabinets that house plumbing, especially if they are on an outside wall. The upstairs vanity is usually the first to freeze in these conditions.

10:00 AM Update:

We’ve had snow flurries for the past two hours, which has left the decks and the parking lot with a coating of snow that they didn’t have when I wrote the last post. There are some weak flurries continuing. The sun seems to be trying to break through, which would help a bit, but it isn’t going to get above the freeze today.

5:00 PM Update

It’s still spitting a little snow, but there’s not much on the ground. That’s probably because there has been more sun than forecast today. No doubt there are slick and icy spots on the roads in the shady spots, and there may even have been a little refreeze. I’d be very careful on the roads.

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