Valentine’s Day and Fire & Ice

The weather has been beautiful, but cold, after another rainy spell that left us with about a half inch of rain. Last week, we heard the peepers for the first time, and two days later started hearing the tree frogs. There are some crocus in bloom, and the daffodils are coming up. The pastures are greening up around Blue Ridge, and I’m starting to see the first waterfowl coming back through. I’m sure it will bounce back and forth as it always does, but it smells like spring, and there is a definite sense that the year has turned. So far, we’ve escaped having any significant snow, which is just fine with most of us after last year’s extravaganza.

The first significant event of the season is the Fire & Ice festival and chili cook off on February 18th. In conjunction with that, Christy Lee’s has booked Francine Reed for the 17th and 18th. The cover charge is $25. Reservations are essential and going fast. They tell me that after the Blues & Barbecue Festival last September, Francine came to the restaurant and sang with the piano player until late, and that is how they got the idea of booking her.

The Blue Orleans Bistro has also been booking some music, and I see that they have Jenni St. Claire on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

The Arts Association is also having a Valentine Wine and Art Event at 7 PM on February 11, with wine from regional vineyards, music, and featured exhibits by Paul Fontana and Tom Chambers. Members $25, non-members, $25.

The L&L Beanery is having a candlelight dinner on Valentine’s Day for $30 per person.

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