Update on Accessing the Swinging Bridge

I often get inquiries from folks who have read something on my website and need clarification. This week, I got an inquiry from some folks who had read my article on the Swinging Bridge and wondered if you could drive there on FS 816, the little road in from Hwy 60. I haven’t been out there this spring, and it’s a good question, as the road sometimes gets washed out in the winter with big mud holes. And the Forest Service usually doesn’t start working on the the roads until later in the summer.

I’m happy to say that I got a report back that it is passable in a two wheel drive Xterra, although the last part before the parking area was a little washed out. (We’re still getting rain, so things may change, of course.) But I was delighted to hear that my correspondents found it to a beautiful place and had a pleasant drive out there.

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