Union County Farmer’s Market, Hunting Regulation Changes

The Union County Farmer’s Market opened last weekend. Hours are Saturday 7:00 – 1:00 PM on Saturday and 2:00 – 6:00 PM on Tuesday. This is a very nice facility, and well worth a visit. From Blue Ridge, you would turn left just after the Home Depot in Blairsville. By the way, we were at the Delano Community Market over north of Benton, Tennessee earlier this week, and they have their famous bi-color corn already.

I promised to report on the newly approved deer hunting regulations, but I found it heavy going because the DNR chose not to provide a simple list of changes. Looking through the actual OCGA regulations is heavy going, but what I think I got out of it is that they are making the deer season mostly uniform throughout Georgia. The upshot for our area will be that deer season will last about two weeks longer, ending on the second Sunday in January. This coming season, that’s January 10th, 2016. This will probably make the deer hunters happy, but it won’t necessarily please small game hunters and those hikers who look forward to the end of deer season. We already had a very long deer season compared to a lot of states. As far as I can tell, they took no action to extend the legality of baiting for deer to the northern zone.


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