Turning The Corner Into Fall

We’ve clearly turned the corner into fall. You can almost hear the cosmic gears turning as the leaves start to fall and the squirrels start to feed on the hickory nuts.

I can report that the young squirrels, at least, prefer the mockernuts to the pignuts, even though the pignuts are larger this year and way more prolific.

I can’t report on the mature squirrels because my neighbor keeps poisoning them.

We’re hearing the geese flying over Cutcane Creek to work the old quarry on Cutcane Road.

It’s time to start to think about blowing leaves, or at least excuses for not blowing them.

September is historically our driest month, and it started out that way. But this week the rainy weather seems to be winning again. We’ll have to see what the rest of the month brings. Ordinarily, I schedule the deck cleaning and staining this month, but I’m taking a wait and see attitude, given what we’ve had this summer in term of rain.

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