Trout Fishing in Blue Ridge

The dogwoods are continuing to come along, and I think there will be a fair number out this weekend, and – probably – next weekend as well. In terms of wildflowers, I’ve seen the first trout lily, jack in the pulpit, and squawroot. Along with lots of lilies just about to bloom. The ramps are up, but please don’t ask me where.

There’s an excellent article on trout fishing in Fannin County in the current Georgia Outdoor News written by Bob Borgwat, local resident and guide. It’s one of the best I’ve ever read. It should be on the grocery store magazine racks now (mine came in the mail today).

The GON website also has a good earlier story on fishing trout on the lower Toccoa (the tailrace).

The author, Joe Davis, put this at the end, but please heed his plea to fish the river below the dam gently, as the trout population is still recovering from the near disaster of the deep draw down to repair the penstock a few years ago, which the TVA declined to postpone until cooler weather.


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