Tree Frogs in January?!

It’s hard to believe January is almost over, even though it smells and looks like spring. Last night, I heard the tree frogs for the first time, which I think is earlier than I’ve ever heard them before. I’m sure that the weather will bounce back cold before spring is really here, but the signs seem to be pointing to an early spring.

Last Friday, we had a little bit of an ice storm, but it didn’t seem to cause major difficulties. About 2:00 PM, it started to look bad, and most folks headed home. But not too long after that, it switched over to rain and pretty much washed the ice away. Today we have rain and wind, with predicted 40 mile and hour gusts from the south in the afternoon. That makes me a little apprehensive, because the ground is fairly saturated, and we don’t have that kind of wind from the south very often. I’m afraid we may have some trees come down if the wind really gusts that high.

It looks as though they are beginning to put the final touches on the restoration of the train depot, which has been painted for some time now.

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