The Peak Of The Perseids Was Last Night, But Tonight Might Work

The Perseid meteor showers were supposed to peak last night, but it was heavy overcast, as it has been for some days. It’s no secret we’re in a hot, rainy spell. There’s a chance that it will be partly clear tonight, and the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday night are for clear skies. This was forecast to be a very good year for them, as the moon is only at about 10%. The frequency of meteors drops off dramatically from the peak, but since the peak is up to 100 meteors per hour, there should still be good activity in the next few days.

For us, Perseus is low on the northern horizon at nightfall, so if you have a view to the north, you have a good chance of seeing them. If you can stay up until late, the views should improve, and don’t forget to allow about a half hour for your eyes to adjust to the light.

They are considered one of the best – or the best – meteor showers of the year. They really don’t have anything to do with Perseus, except that they seem to come from there. Actually, they are produced by the tail of the comet Swift-Tuttle. But they are a yearly treat, and I hope we get to see some of them in the next few days.

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