The Other Side Of Spring

It’s no secret the weather has changed. It’s 42 on the porch and it feels wet and cold after the low 70s we had last week. It’s foggy or misty – drist – drizzling mist, as Thoreau calls it. It has rained hard at times, but not for very long. It’s that old mountain weather, as we call it.

When the temps were up, I saw a few butterflies and moths The only one I could confidently identify was either a Blue or Gray Hairslip. I saw a couple of those, and I think more likely all Gray.

We saw a couple Red-Shouldered Hawks – at least I think so – doing their mating dance. At one point the male did a power dive, just like the bottom dropped out. That was impressive. They canoodled around for hours. I’ve also seen – several times – pairs of Redtails Hawks soaring around together.

Forsythia is up, and those stupid Bradford Pears. No sarvis yet.

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