The Latest On Spaceport Camden / An Online Newspaper Reporting On The Georgia Coast

If you haven’t followed this story, the Camden County Commission wants to purchase an abandoned coastal industrial site for use as a commercial spaceport. (Camden County is on the Georgia coast, just south of Brunswick and Jekyll Island. The largest city in the county is St. Marys.)

The project is opposed by environmental groups and others because the flight path goes over nearby residential areas as well as Cumberland Island. It is also considered likely to degrade the salt marsh, especially because the site is contaminated from its previous use as a Union Carbide pesticide and munitions manufacturing facility. The operation would also require that boat traffic be halted during launches.

In an amazing twist, Camden County voters forced a referendum, and there were roughly three times more votes to abandon the project than votes to continue the project. The response by the County Commission was to try to invalidate the referendum in court. The matter is currently at the State Supreme Court.

Here’s an article from Georgia Public Broadcasting:

This story is from The Current, an online newspaper reporting on coastal Georgia. I didn’t know it existed, but it looks quite good. If you are interested in what’s happening on the coast, you might consider subscribing to their newsletter. The focus is on “watchdog” journalism and in depth reporting. It is non-profit and non-partisan.

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