The Cold is Back

As it usually does at this time of year, the weather has bounced back cold. This morning, we had 20 degrees on the porch with a very chilly wind. Yesterday wasn’t quite as cold, but the wind was every bit as chilling. It warmed up to a toasty 40 before the day was out, but I doubt we’ll get there today. On the plus side, it was a beautiful, clear day, fresh and clean, with the ridges shining blue in the distance.

We saw a small flock of robins the other day, although I wonder if they are sorry they came so soon. The living thing that seems to be having the best time is the moss. I’ve rarely seen it so bright green and vibrant, in an wide array of color tones. I’m not much of a photographer, but I’ve seen a lot of mossy stumps, rocks, and banks that I’ve wished I could photograph lately. No doubt the wet weather has helped. We drove over Blood Mountain on Wednesday, and there was more water in the little creeks and waterfalls than I remember seeing for a long time. Boggs Creek was nearly at flood stage.

Fire & Ice is next weekend, and if the weather holds, it should be a good one. There’s not a whole lot of wild excitement in town this weekend, but I note that the Grumpy Old Men have started having their tastings from 1:00 – 5:00, Thursday through Saturday, and Fannin Brewing is advertising a Superbowl 50 event: “Superbowl 50 is finally here! We’ll be open Saturday from 2-6 pm and Sunday from 5-10 pm. Bring some snacks to share and join us for some fun!”



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