Taylor Barnyard Barbecue at the Blue Ridge Farmer’s Market

There is still some sarvis in bloom, and the dogwoods have started to bloom. We’ve had a little rain this morning, and more is expected this afternoon. That should help things along, if we also get some sun. I don’t expect all the dogwoods to be in bloom this weekend, but some will be fully in bloom. Others will follow, probably for the next week or two.

I have a flyer from the Taylor Barnyard Barbecue people indicating that they are open Thursday to Saturday at the Blue Ridge Farmer’s Market. That’s the old state farmer’s market on the old highway, near the Swan Drive In and not too far from the high school. Their number is 706.633.0167 (that would probably be a cell phone).

We haven’t made it out to Sosebee Cove yet to check on the wildflowers, but I imagine that they are starting to come, especially if we get a combination of some rain and sun this weekend. Normally, different species will come into bloom every week up until May.

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