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Hemlock Help

The weather has bounced back really cold. We had 23° on the porch this morning, and we had some pretty strong snow flurries yesterday, during the day. It’s a bit odd, with the forsythia blooming, the daffodils up, and the … Continue reading

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This is a beautiful time of year and there’s always something new!

We’ve been having some beautiful cold days lately, following some very dreary, rainy days. The afternoon temperatures have been rising almost to sixty, and the air has seemed especially clear. The last two hours of the full moon before sunrise … Continue reading

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Katydid Season and the Downtown Farmer’s Market

We’ve had a bit of a break from all the rain this week, with some mostly clear days to enjoy. While I’ve heard a lot of grousing about the rain, I’m still enjoying it hugely. We’ve had some beautiful thunder … Continue reading

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About Our Lakes

There are three major lakes in our area – Lake Blue Ridge (Blue Ridge), Lake Nottely, (Blairsville), and Chatuge (Young Harris/Hiawassee). There is also a beautiful little lake north of Ducktown, Tennessee, called Campbell Cove Lake, and a lake northwest … Continue reading

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Birds, Bats, and Fish

The morning temperatures have crept back up towards 70°, and we’ve been having some rain from the hurricane. So there has been a somewhat muggy feel in the air. The rain has not been as heavy has I expected, given … Continue reading

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Blue Ridge Golf & River Club Forclosure.. tsk tsk

We had a beautiful, cool morning after a mostly rainy day yesterday. We got an inch of rain at our place, and while we really needed it, it most of it came all at once and wrecked the driveway. I’m … Continue reading

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