Sunny Days Lead To Mountain Weather, Health Department Has Vaccine Available

Wednesday and Thursday were beautiful spring days. with porch temperatures in the 60s. They were somewhat breezy, so it wasn’t quite as warm as the temperatures suggest, but it was still a welcome break in what’s been quite a cold winter.

Today, we’ve got the drizzle and temperatures in the 40s. Shifting mists and fog, the old mountain weather. It looks to be here for up to a week, according to the forecast. We do need some rain, so I suppose it doesn’t do to be grumpy about it. But those two sunny days were sweet. We even got some of the leftover leaves out of the places where they collect when it’s to cold to mess with leaves.

As of this morning, the North Georgia Health District – the state Health Departments – have vaccine available. You have to call to make an appointment, 800.881.1474. Supplies are limited. It may be better to call on a land line rather than a cell phone. One of my neighbors and I both got through on the land line after many tries on the cell phone.

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