Strong Thunderstorm Last Night, Environmental News Roundup, New Restaurant

After the little mini-drought, it’s been on and off rainy, with a few really wonderful breezy days, like yesterday. Hope you were here for a bit of that! Last night, we had a strong thunderstorm that brought an eight hour power outage. I imagine other areas of the county were involved, since it took so long to restore power.

There’s a new restaurant in Blue Ridge, Bread & Bleu, which seems to be an upscale sandwich shop. It’s in an odd location, down past the Co-op on East Main, in the Pedego Bikes building. You can see the menu on Facebook, if you’re into that deal.

Here are a few environmental news stories that you may have missed.

Here’s a dramatic example of trout management gone wrong.

They’ve figured out where the Prothonotary Warbler winters, and the location raises fears for their conservation. They’re the beautiful bright yellow warblers, and they seem to be in decline. I see reports of them on the Indiana birding listserve, but I haven’t seen one in years. We have had a Scarlet Tanager in our woods, which is a bit unusual after the migration passes.

Here’s an explanation of why we’ll never get the coyotes under control unless we bring the red wolf back.

Finally, a bald cypress in North Carolina may be one of the oldest trees in North America.

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