Storm Report & Updates

Tuesday at 8:15. There’s a beautiful full moon going down over the Big Frog, and it’s 27 on the deck. There was very little melt yesterday, as it never went over the freeze at our place. The forecast is for sunny with a high of 47, so there should be a good melt today. There is a possibility of more snow Thursday and Friday and it is forecast to remain very cold.

Monday at 8:30. There’s about an inch of snow on the ground, and it stuck to a certain extent on the gravel driveway and walkways. Temperature is 25 on the deck. It appears the snow is over, but we still have a wind advisory. The paved roads I can see look clear of snow, but there’s no doubt patches of ice – at least – on them. I haven’t seen any traffic. The forecast high is 34. Tomorrow is forecast to be sunny, with a high of 48, so I imagine we’ll be pretty much back to normal by tomorrow afternoon.

At 5:30, the witching hour approaches. It’s still spitting a little snow, but not much change in accumulation. Hard to tell what will happen overnight, but the weather service says another half inch is possible overnight. Forecast high tomorrow is 35.

At 3:15 PM, it is snowing pretty enthusiastically. Not as hard as it can snow, but snowing like it means it. There’s about a half inch on the railings, and there’s no doubt the rain will freeze on the decks tonight. EMS has issued a high wind advisory until 2:00 AM. No doubt there’s a front coming through, if that forecast holds. It’s beautiful, enough to cheer this old Pennsylvania boy’s heart.

At 2:00 PM, it has just begun to grapple, small pebbly snow. It is coming down fairly good, and is sticking to the decks to some extent, although some of it is melting on contact.

It’s about 34 on the deck (7:30 AM), and there’s some snow melt off the roof. The uncovered deck and the stairs are still icy, but melting a bit. It looks like it snowed first and then either rained or sleeted. As the weather station at Merciers reports an overnight low of 32.6 at 3:45 AM, I imagine it was sleet. (Currently, they report a temperature a degree or two higher than what I have on the deck, so it may have been below the freeze here.) In my experience over the last thirty years, sleet is rare here.

The power is still on at our location.

The forecast is 100% snow, sleet, and rain until 3:00 PM, changing over to snow and sleet. Total accumulation of a half inch possible with gusts up to 40 mph.

Snow tonight with a total accumulation of a half inch possible.

No mention of freezing rain, thankfully.

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