Splendid Fall Weather, Rule Changes for Hunting Licenses Affect Hikers, Too

We’ve had a string of wonderful fall days, starting around 60 and ending in the low 70s on the porch in the afternoon, with a nice breeze. The leaves are beginning to turn and fall, but no real color yet.

The DNR has made some rather radical changes to the hunting license regulations that also affect hikers. This is our busy season, so I don’t have time to detail them here. But the Georgia Outdoor Recreational Pass (GORP) is no more. Instead, hikers are urged to buy a hunting or fishing license. For those who object to that, there is an alternative available, but it costs more because of the loss of matching federal funds. You can read about it here.


Another change is that a separate license is no longer required to hunt in the Wildlife Management Areas. It used to be $18 for residents, a lot more for non-residents. In time, when the word gets out, this will increase usage of these areas for hunting purposes. As always, I recommend you check with the Go Hunt Georgia site, under the WMA regulations, if you’re planning a hike. Definitely avoid the area if there is a deer hunt going on. The rest of the time, it’s usually small game, and is pretty lightly used. Hiking is a lot better idea then.

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