Snowing Now!

It started snowing at our place, about two miles southeast of Mineral Bluff, 1956 feet, about noon. In the hour since, we’ve probably had at least an inch of fairly wet snow in big flakes. We’ve been out for a little recon, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

I’d recommend not traveling. While the state roads will probably be OK, the county does little or nothing about the roads when school is out. And the subdivision roads, well … if you’re in Fannin County government, you think it’s hilarious that nothing is ever done about them.

The real crisis will come if we get the freezing rain, because then we usually lose electricity. If you’re up at your cabin, lay in some firewood, draw some water into pots, and get some ice melt ready ¬†for the deck. There’s nothing slicker than an icy wood deck. It’s a good idea to open up your sink cabinets if the power goes off, because they are usually the first to freeze, especially if they are on an outside wall.



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