Snow Reports, Nixle Text Alerts

Update Thursday 8:00 AM. It’s zero where we are, the coldest it’s been all winter, and there’s maybe a half inch of snow on the ground. School is out again today, which is a good indication that at least the back roads are in poor shape.

Update 6:00 PM. Well, it’s stopped for now. Don’t know what’s to come, but unless something catastrophic happens before my – very early – bedtime, this will be my last update. You get the idea. Get home early, if you can.

Update 5:20 PM: Snowing hard. Small dry flakes. Killer wind.

Update 5:00 PM. It didn’t snow much, and what it did is melted, at least where we are. But they are still calling for more snow, and it will go to maybe 8 degrees tonight. So there will be icy patches, no matter what.

It started snowing at our location at 8:35 AM. The text alert from the EMS is calling for up to an inch of snow, up until 7:00 PM. As the temperature is 19, I expect it will be an evil day on the roads. By the way, I find these text alerts very helpful for keeping on top of things. You can sign up at the Nixle website.

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