Snow Starting, Polk County News to Cease Publication

It’s started to grapple where we are (Friday, 1:25) and it’s coming down pretty fast. We’ve been told to expect three to four inches. County offices and the schools closed early. If you’re thinking of coming for the weekend, I’d advise waiting until tomorrow, when the situation should be clearer. If you do come, remember to bring some ice melt, because there’s nothing slicker than a snow covered wooden deck or stairs.

The most recent issue of the Polk County News contains the sad news that the paper will cease publication “until further notice.” The publisher has been seeking a buyer for the past six months, and has recently learned that her husband will require intensive medical treatment for cancer. It was established in 1883. I’ve done research in the newspaper’s archive of back copies, and it’s sad news. Here’s a link to the announcement, which contains some of the history of the newspaper.


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