Snow Report

Update: 5:00: It’s snowing like crazy at our place. Every time I look out, it’s snowing harder. Started about an hour ago, with a little grapple. If this keeps up much longer, we’re going to get it tonight!

Update: As of noon on Wednesday, it seems that things downtown are probably fairly normal. School is still out, but county business seems to be going on. But the snow melted a little and refroze under the snow, so I imagine that the outlying areas are still very hazardous. That’s likely the reason school is still out. They go out very early every morning to assess things. If we get the 3-7 inches that are predicted for today and tonight, we’ll have another situation altogether, so I recommend watching the weather closely if you plan to be out and around. We probably had a little over three inches total yesterday, and as I look over toward North Carolina, there’s still plenty on the ground. There’s no getting out of my driveway, so I don’t have a firsthand report on the roads.

Tuesday: We’ve got at least two inches of snow on the ground as of 8:00 AM. It’s a light, grapple-like snow, and it seems to be continuing, off and on. Travel is inadvisable. County offices are closed, and I’m sure the schools are as well. Temperature on the deck is about 28.


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