Snow Looking More Serious

It’s snowing pretty good, having started about 8:45. Temperature is around the freeze. Decks are becoming slick. It isn’t expected to amount to much, but I will report if it does. The weather service says it does not expect any impact to roadways, but that residents should monitor conditions.

UPDATE AT NOON: It’s looking more serious, as the wind has picked up and is driving a light snow from the north. It’s small enough to sift through the screens on the screen porch, and is beginning to stick pretty good on the ground. It is also sticking to the paving stones in the yard, so I imagine it will start sticking on the roads, at least to some extent. It’s also sticking to the gravel drive. If you are in a location that’s usually affected in these situations, I’d consider heading home soon.

UPDATE AT 12:30: It seems to have stopped and the sun is trying to break through. We may be OK, but I imagine there will be some slick spots. My stairs and walkways look very slick.

UPDATE AT 1:15: Things are looking pretty good, with a lot of sun melt. Decks will melt and refreeze unless they’re swept off.

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