At some point last night, the drizzle turned to snow, and we’ve got a pretty good dusting. The deer are down in the parking lot gorging on what’s left of the acorns. (It was a pretty good year for mast production.) The decks and stairs are very slick, and the temperature is around 29. (It’s right on the freeze at the Merciers weather station.) The school bus ran down in the valley, where traffic seems to be normal, but there may be some freezing on the roads at the higher elevations. As of 8:00, it’s snowing pretty good, a little off and on. The predicted high is 36, but I doubt that we will reach that where we are, about 1950 feet.

Update at 4:30. I don’t think it’s been above the freeze all day here. If it has, it’s probably only melted stuff that is going to refreeze soon. Be safe. There will definitely be some slick spots tonight and tomorrow AM. There was no melting on the decks, so be careful.

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