Snow, 10 Degrees!

It snowed pretty much all day long yesterday, moving through flurries to grapple to some big, wet flakes around sunset. There was some sun melt in the afternoon, but I’d say we still have at least an inch on the ground where we are, and the temperature on the porch is 10 degrees. That’s cold by out standards, so it would be a good idea to have your neighbors check your cabin for water leaks. If you need to come up yourself, I suppose the main roads are passable, but that many of the county’s back roads and driveways are still challenging.

The deer must have started feeding last night after the snow stopped, because we’ve been watching a small group of deer that were feeding when the sun first came up, and are now just lying in the snow and resting a little bit downhill from our cabin.

If we get any sun at all today, there should be some more melt, but a lot of roads will be hazardous after the refreeze this evening. For the second day, Fannin County government offices are closed due to road conditions.



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