Skating Rink Coming Along and Local Elections

It was a wonderful, warm weekend. We’re supposed to get rain today, and then the weather is supposed to turn fair and colder. There’s still some color in the woods, especially in late afternoon, when the sun is shining through. Most of the leaves that are left are an amber color or dark red, and they look beautiful against the blue sky.

The persimmons are almost done. I checked one of my trees yesterday, and there was a very young raccoon enjoying the last of the fruits on the tree. At first I thought it was a possum, because they’re legendary for loving persimmons, but it turned out to be a coon. He was so young that his “mask” had not fully come in.

There’s progress being made on the ice skating rink, which is located up where the Labor Day Barbecue takes place. I believe it will be ready for Light Up Blue Ridge, which is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

There weren’t many results from the local elections that weren’t a foregone conclusion, as the Republican primary is essentially the election here. But Earl Johnson defeated Doc Mitchell, the Democratic candidate, for one of the County Commission posts.

Also, for those of you who haven’t heard, the constitutional amendment enabling charter schools passed in Georgia, although it failed in Fannin County.

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