Signs Of Spring: Tiger Swallowtail, Red Maple, and Oaks

The high yesterday was around 75, and we had supper on the porch for the first time. It was about 63 this morning, with a very light drizzle. We had coffee on the porch, until the drizzle turned into a thunderstorm and the rain started blowing into the porch. It was very beautiful with the gray and light green in the valley behind the redbuds.

I saw the first Tiger Swallowtail yesterday afternoon, which makes me wonder about the Red Spotted Purple and the Mourning Cloak, which I haven’t seen. I have seen some butterflies at a distance that might have been one of those species, but I can’t be sure.

The red maples have been budding for some time, and the red oaks are just beginning. Some of the other oaks are starting to have very small leaves. It probably won’t be long before the pollen is heavy upon us. The cool snap seemed to set the redbuds back, but the volunteer redbuds are now in full bloom, while the older ones are a bit behind.

As of 11:00 AM, they’ve recorded a little less than an inch of rain at the weather station at Merciers. I’m happy about the rain, first because we need some, and second because I hope it washes the smoke out of the air. I’ve gotten at least seven burn alerts in the past few days, and the smoke has ruined too many afternoons on the porch already.

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