Signs Of Spring: The Redbuds And The First Butterfly

It was 56 on the deck this morning. Yesterday’s high was around 70. It feels like spring is here, and you can smell the earth waking up. The forecast is for rain for the next few days, which should green things up a bit.

The tree frogs have been loud in the evening, and we’ve even heard them in the middle of the day.

Our redbuds are just starting to come, and on Saturday, I saw the first butterfly of the season, a Blue Hairstreak. Some springs the first butterfly has been a Mourning Cloak. They’re known for emerging early, but their numbers seem to have declined here locally. I’m not sure I actually saw one last year. Other springs, the first butterfly has been a Red Spotted Purple, but the Hairstreaks are never far behind.

I haven’t seen any interesting warblers, but I’m sure there are a few around, judging from the Georgia Rare Bird reports. But there should be more activity as we get further into the spring migration.

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