Signs of Spring: The Latest

Brian Kemp is supposedly deciding as we speak whether to continue the shelter in place order.

If you want to know what’s happening here, it’s been bouncing back and forth as it always does this time of year, raw days that start in the 30s with lots of wind, and a few fine days up in the sixties. Today, rainy, but not too hard, warm, shifty mist.

The dogwoods are mostly done, and the native azaleas, too.

Lots of reported migrants, but I’ve only been able to identify the Black and White Warbler from the porch. I unwisely reported a Northern Waterthrush on the bird list the other day, only to be told that I couldn’t have seen one by all the top Georgia birders. So … may be a while before I tip them off to a cool bird again. Atlanta has many reports of interesting birds, including the Scarlet Tanager. I did see an Indigo Bunting while driving Monday, known locally as a Mountain Bluebird.

Went out to Three Forks the other day, and the idiot Forest Service had posted signs everywhere, every place you could pull off the road and fish, was closed. Observed a Forest Service truck parked by the creek for two hours. Too much laurel to see, but I’ll wager they were fishing. Obviously, a dream come true for the Forest Service. Millions of acres of National Forest, and no one allowed in except themselves.

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