Signs Of Spring: The Dogwood Fades, Flame Azaleas, Fence Lizards

The dogwood is fading in our area, but there may still be some in bloom, especially in the higher, shady areas. It’s also possible that they are still going strong up in Tennessee, but I haven’t been up that way lately.

Our native azalea is still in beautiful bloom, but I don’t think it will be for long. Most of the ones that are going to bloom are probably in bloom already, or just about to bloom.

I’ve seen the first Fence Lizards.

I’m not very good at bird calls, but I thought I might have heard the Scarlet Tanager this morning, high up in the oaks. We still have some warblers coming through, no that they will sit still long enough for me to identify them.

The pollen has been very heavy on the deck and the cars for the past few days.

It’s that period that I call “high spring.” The trees are not fully leafed out, but basically everything that’s going to happen has happened.

The mornings for the past week have been simply beautiful – full of bird calls, temperature between 55 and 60, the air pretty clear for all the pollen. They’ve been rivaled by wonderful evenings and sunsets. If you haven’t been up this spring, it’s probably time to come, before it’s all over.

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