Signs Of Spring: Sarvis, Dogwoods, Crab Apples

One of our younger sarvis has finally blossomed. I can’t recall a spring when the old one and the younger ones bloomed so far apart. I imagine that the cold snap we had accounts for it – they need a certain soil temperature – but I still find it odd.

The dogwoods look ready to come in force, perhaps this weekend. A lot of them are still showing that greenish tint, and it’s hard to tell exactly when they will come into full white bloom as it depends a bit on the weather.

Our crab apples are blooming to some extent, but there don’t seem to be as many flowers as there have been in some years past, perhaps also attributable to the cold snap.

The ferns are coming up, and many of the trees are starting to bud or leaf out. The Black Cherry trees are almost past flowering, and the hickory trees are just getting started.

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