Signs of Spring – First Really Warm Day, Tree Frogs

Today was the first day that really felt like spring. It was sunny and 69 on the porch, really delightful.

Last night was the first night I heard the tree frogs, along with a few pond peepers, I believe. They may have been going for a few days before this, but I can’t be sure.

Time to think about doing some of the long-shirked yard work. In my case, that would be some neglected and starting to rot down piles of leaves.

It’s also a good time to think about getting next winter’s supply of firewood. Not only are prices – or maybe really availability – apt to be a bit better at this time of year, the old rule for avoiding spitting and popping and floor damage was “one year on the ground.” I like to stay two winters ahead, if I can manage it, but from about now to next winter is probably enough drying time. Burning dry wood also helps keep the chimney buildup minimal.

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