Signs of Spring: A Roundup

The young sarvis is coming while the old trees are fading. The dogwoods have started with that greenish bloom. It will be at least a week for them, probably not more, unless I miss my guess.

The pollen hangs heavy in a malignant cloud over the Cohuttas. As I like to say to my companions, “That’s not the Cloud of Unknowing. It’s pollen.”

The crabapples are pretty well leafed out.

The redbuds are going strong. Ours are better than they ever have been.

We saw a bat last night for the first time in a long while.

This morning, we think we heard the first Whip-poor-Will. There are several reports south of us in Georgia. Also from Pickens and Towns.

A few warblers have been through, not that I can identify them.

We’ve seen a few tiger swallowtails, one or two black swallowtails, and one mourning cloak. Glad to see him as I don’t think I’ve seen one for a few years. Small white butterfly, like a smaller cabbage butterfly.

Violets and dandelions in the driveway.

The Black Cherry and a lot of other trees are beginning to leaf out. The red maples are red. The lowbush blueberry is up, and one of the few green things on the forest floor that isn’t evergreen. Oaks are starting to leaf out.

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