Runoff Election Tuesday

It seems to be trying to dry out a little, with the rain coming not every day, but every several days for the past few weeks. Still, we’ve had over an inch of rain in the past few days.

The runoff election for local and state offices is Tuesday. There are no local runoffs on the Democratic side, with the party fielding candidates for all three open positions – Post 2 Commission, and two school board seats – for the first time in history. On the Republican side, there is a runoff for one school board position and Post 2 locally, and the choice between the Trump endorsed Kemp or the Deal endorsed Cagle for the governor’s seat.

The rules for the runoff are a bit odd. If you voted in the primary election, you can only vote in the runoff for the same party you voted for in the primary. In other words, if you requested the Republican ballot in the primary, you must vote in the Republican runoff. Oddly, if you did not vote in the primary, you can vote in the runoff – for whichever party you want. In other words, if you did not vote in the primary, you may request either the Republican or Democratic runoff ballot.

As always, some Democrats will indulge in the festival ritual of “crossing over” to vote in the other party’s primary, either in the hopes of preventing a poor candidate from being nominated – or re-elected – or in the hopes that a weaker candidate will be chosen. In this particular election cycle, their focus will be the school board position currently held by Steve Stanley and the Post 2 Commission position currently held by Larry Joe Sosebee, who is considered hostile to interests others consider enlightened.

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