Report On Spring

We’ve had about an inch and a quarter of rain over the past few days, and temperatures have been warm. On March 7, the low was about 50 and the high was about 70.

So far, we’ve had about four and a quarter inches of rain in March.

Yesterday, March 10, the temperatures dropped. It was on the freeze on the porch in the morning, and it remained cold all day, with a high around 49 and a stiff breeze blowing. It was on the freeze again this morning, and today’s forecast high is 60.

Some of the redbuds are still early bloom, but there is no sign of the sarvis or the crab apples. The soil temperature at a depth of two inches has dropped from 57.7 on March 7th to 47.1 on March 10. There’s a warming trend again later in the week, with a forecast of 76 on Thursday, so we may see some activity from the sarvis this week. There’s more rain forecast for Friday.

The forsythia is in bloom, along with the daffodils and that awful Bradford pear.

We’ve been hearing the Pine Warbler pretty constantly, but we haven’t seen any warbler activity in the past few days.

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