Rainy Spell, Shorebird Migration

We’ve been in a rainy spell, which has been a relief after the unseasonably hot weather we’ve had lately. It’s mostly been fairly scant late afternoon thunderstorms, but yesterday, it rained most of the day, and we collected over an inch and a half in the gauge.

Mushrooms are popping up everywhere, turning our property into a mycologist’s paradise. I wish I knew more about them, as some of them are probably good to eat.

It has been getting light rather late due to the overcast skies, and yesterday, it stayed very dark for most of the day, creating interesting conditions with lots of drizzling mist, or “mizzle” – as Thoreau would call it. At other times, it rained fairly hard, with the water running down channels in the roads and driveways.

It has definitely moderated the temperatures. Today, it was 65 on the porch at 7:00 AM. The afternoon temperature was about 74.

The rain may have come too late for some of the dogwoods. Lots of them still look pretty stressed and some look to be moving into dull fall colors.

The rain, which has gone on for a week or more, has led me to the thought that we may be having an early fall.

On that note, Indiana Audubon reported today that the fall shorebird migration has already begun, with some interesting birds passing through Indiana.

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