Rainfall Report

Since my last post, we’d had maybe a scant 3/4″ rain, in several installments. Then yesterday evening, we ┬áhad a great thunderstorm with wonderful sound effects that left us another 3/4″, which came as a steady downfall. So we’re a little better off than we have been, and the forecast shows a good percentage of rain no matter how far out you look. It seems to be having better luck actually raining when it is supposed to, as opposed to earlier this summer. Needless to say, it very humid today.

We visited the Union County Farmer’s Market on Saturday, which turned out to be tomato sandwich day. We got there a little late for the free half sandwich, but the market was in full swing otherwise. Glen Henderson, the organic honey producer, had just bottled his Spring Song and Sourwood honey, and he told me that he thought he would have 1,000 pounds this year. The High Valley Ginseng & Nursery people were taking orders for ginseng starts at $1.25 each, available in early September. That was a new one for me, as I did not know it could be cultivated. All in all, the market is well worth visiting, if only for the terrific looking vegetables.

Our local market continues Saturday morning, in front of the courthouse.


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