Rain, Azaleas, Maybe Some Flooding, Migrants

UPDATE: We’re at over 3″ of rain (2.81 at Mercier’s) as of 6:00 PM. There may be some flooding, Hemptown Creek was out of its banks on Loving Road, where the barrel plant is, and the little RV campground, about 2:00. Cutcane Creek was still in its banks, but barely. Long Creek may have flooded at the Cutcane end. So far, nothing too serious, but be aware that the creeks may flood. If you have to cross them, don’t unless you are absolutely sure you can get across. If there’s a strong current, please don’t try.

EARLIER THIS MORNING: We had two inches of rain overnight (officially, 1.95 at the Mercier’s weather station). It was a good pollen washout, and the air smells fresh and looks clean for the first time in a couple of weeks. Today and maybe tomorrow may be drizzly or rainy, but Sunday is supposed to be sunny.

The first flame azaleas are blooming in our neighborhood, which pretty much completes the spring cycle. The laurel and rhododendron (mountain laurel, to the locals) will bloom later on, after most everything else is past blooming.

By the way, if you have an urge to plant azaleas, please consider planting the orange ones. There are tons of varieties and/or cultivars, with interesting variations in color. They are our native azaleas, and we’re losing them to development. The pink ones, those are Atlanta.

The GABO list has reported some interesting birds just seen in the Atlanta area, including the Indigo Bunting (the Mountain Bluebird, to the locals). Also seen have been Pine Warblers and Yellow-rumped Warblers. I haven’t seen any of these locally, but I’m not good at Warblers. Also seen around Atlanta, Rose Breasted Grosbeaks.

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