Racing… away from Tumbling Creek

There’s still quite a bit of sarvis in bloom, and the redbuds are still going strong. There are a few dogwoods in full flower, but most of them will probably be another week or more, depending on the amount of sun we get next week.

The Adventure Race is Saturday. I heard that the start is at the Shallowford Bridge, and the finish will be in the downtown Blue Ridge Park, but I can’t confirm that, so I’m not completely sure. See below for a few more details.

According to the News Observer, the Forest Service has removed the public facilities from the Tumbling Creek Campground as a “cost saving” measure. Apparently, the removed fixtures – picnic tables, fire rings, and grills – were simply piled by the side of the road somewhere in the area. Spokesman Terry McDonald said, “We had to make some tough decisions about where and what type reductions to make. We believe Tumbling Creek was necessary in order to provide quality service and upkeep of other higher use sites in the national forest.”

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