Plant Sale and Classic Car Show

After a bit of a cool spell, we had a beautiful, warm day yesterday. It was a little over 82° in downtown Blue Ridge, and about 72° where we live. There are still some dogwoods and native azaleas in bloom. Yesterday evening, we saw the first lightening bug hatch. By my reckoning, this means that we’re about to move into summer after a late spring.

The Blue Ridge Master Gardener’s Plant Sale, which was scheduled for last weekend, has been rescheduled for tomorrow, May 11th. I’ve been told that it wasn’t the rain, but rather some problems with the venue. It is supposed to take place at the United Community Bank pavilion, which is behind the parking lot that separates the Burger King and the UCB. It starts at 9:00. This is a good place to try for native plants.

There will also be a Georgia Mountain Classic Car Show Saturday in the downtown Blue Ridge Park, along with a casting call for a movie involving the drive-in theater at Ted Weaver’s Body Shop across from the park.

Pickin’ at Horseshoe Bend Park is back on Thursday evenings, starting at about 6:00 PM. To reach the park from Blue Ridge, you would go up Hwy 5 to McCaysville, cross the river, and turn right (south) on Hwy 60. After a short distance, turn right on River Road (just before the tracks). The park is on the right a short distance along River Road. It’s very informal. It’s a good idea to take dinner or a snack and a lawn chair.

See the column below for details on the Blue Ridge Farmer’s Market.

The Bloom O Meter at Hamilton Gardens (see below) is showing some buds and some blooms, but it looks as if the rhodendrons are still a ways away from showing much color.

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